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FastFox can expend any abbreviation or shortcut into an entire piece of text
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Typing the same phrases, word by word and letter by letter, over and over again, is, definitely, one of the most tedious jobs that one can do at the office. The solution to avoid being bored to death by the repetitive typing is using the FastFox text expanding application. It won’t only make typing a lot faster, but it will also eventually increase the overall productivity, and put its users in a better mood.

FastFox allows typing much faster by letting you use text shortcuts and macros that will expand into entire sentences, phrases and even paragraphs (the so-called “abbreviation expansion technique”). Instead of typing the same large snippets of frequently-used text over and over again, you can save it once, store it within FastFox and then just type two or three letters and that large chunk of text will be automatically inserted into your e-mail, presentation, spreadsheet or document.

I personally like that this program comes with an auto-complete feature which will suggest commonly used pieces of text as you type, and that it allows creating shortcuts which enable the quick insertion of images. There’s also a handy function that allows sharing the file containing the shortcuts throughout a network, so that everyone in an organization can use the same macros, shortcuts and previously saved blocks of text.

FastFox is a small and lightweight piece of software that comes with a simple interface which makes creating, deleting and editing the shortcuts a really easy process. I think that this application is able to prove that the popular "work smart, not hard" quote can become a true fact for anyone. It’s surely worth the money.

Rory Shaffer
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  • The file containing the shortcuts can be shared across a network.
  • Organized user-interface.
  • Fair price


  • The lack of an option to restrict the usage of a macro or text shortcut to a single application (such as only in MS Word or only in Notepad)
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