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Convenient tool to help you avoid typing the same texts again and again
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Typing the same foreign name, the name of your company or inserting the same logo in the exac same positions again and again can be both tiring and inefficient. FastFox offers you a simple tool where you can create and store your own shortcuts and auto-complete entries to help you save time and effort when creating new documents in the text processor of your choice, from Notepad to Word. FastFox is equally useful when searching the net, filling in forms, or in any other situation that involves typing.

FastFox opens a simple and clear interface that will show you a list of your shortcuts. There are four different types – simple text, rich text, picture, and macro shortcuts. Simple text shortcuts are the most widely used ones, and they are very easy to create. Just select a tag or a short text to identify the shortcut and then the full text that you want to see in your document every time you type the shortcut. Say that you work for a company called ABC that requires you to write the company’s full name every time you mention it in any external document – simply create a text shortcut called “ABC”, and every time you type it in a document (or your browser, for that matter) it will magically turn into your company’s full name. If you need to have this text displayed in bold italics, for instance, then you can turn this shortcut into a Rich Text shortcut, or create a new one, so that you have both options.

Picture or image shortcuts will allow you to insert images in a swift and convenient manner just by typing in the tag associated to them. You can define the size of the pictures, and it works seamlessly with any JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF image file.

Advanced users will enjoy creating and using Macro shortcuts. These macros will allow you to automate more complex tasks, such as launching an application. You can simulate sequences of key presses, a combination of a key press and release, etc. It’s not rocket science, but it may take a learning curve to master this powerful option.

FastFox will surely help you improve your typing efficiency, while saving you time and useless efforts in those typing tasks that are repetitive and/or tedious.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and straightforward interface.
  • Allows you to create and use four types of shortcuts.
  • Macro shortcuts for more complex actions.
  • Works in any text processor, browser, form, etc


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